Weight loss and cad

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There is a strong amd between being overweight and the risk for coronary artery disease CAD. These include high blood pressurediabetesand high cholesterol. Losing weight and staying at a healthy weight can help lower your risk for CAD. Weight loss frequently improves other risk factors related to CAD, such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and may also help control diabetes. If you have CAD, your doctor will likely suggest staying weight loss and cad a healthy weight or losing weight if you need to.

Your doctor can help you find a weight loss deight that can work for you. The distribution of body fat in part may determine the negative impact of obesity on your health. Specifically, the relationship between your waist measurement and your hip measurement, called your waist-to-hip ratio, might play a role in your risk for health problems. If your waist-to-hip ratio is high, it means you weight loss and cad carrying most of your body fat around your abdomen. Fat deposits, especially around the abdomen area, may be an important independent risk factor weight loss and cad diabetes and coronary artery disease.

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The CAD Diet, a lifestyle diet that reduces risk for coronary artery disease is a template health plan for anyone wanting to live a healthy and long life. To assess the prognostic impact of weight loss on clinical outcomes in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD). Weight Loss > 2kg in first month / 1 lb per week. Weight change >5% below baseline in months. Contraindicated with CAD, Hypettension, Hyperthyroidism.

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