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Breathing Problems : Breathing problems have also been protein powder for weight loss india with improper consumption of weight gain powder. Add a little more liquid than you would otherwise, because this stuff does dry out your smoothie poqder bit. The Satiety Index of Common Foods, an Australian study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutritionranks it the number two most filling food—bested only by boiled potatoes for its fullness factor. I am going to share its recipe some time in the coming days. Keeps you full longer and helps to loseweight but not muscle tone!!

Indian Weight Loss Blog protein powder for weight loss india loss, diet plans, health and fitness tips for women September 18, by Anamika 73 Comments Low carb and high protein diet has become quite a rage and nowadays everyone seems to be following it and they are seeing the result also. I now see many celebrities endorsing it and some completely shunning it out.

I once read that all her clients have rice in their dinner. I have seen people losing lot of weight after following her so if her diet plan works for you then this diet is not for you. Same goes with the protein diets. Some of you might find it completely impossible and for some it might be the best thing. Reason I prefer low carb and high protein diet is because it suits me better.

I love all the things which the diet prescribes and the best part there is no portion control. Protein powder for weight loss india diet has got me rid off my PCOS, atleast it is under control and if I maintain it for long may be I completely get rid of it for ever. So all in all it works for me. Now thing is what to eat in a high protein and low carbs diet. For example — anything buttery in my food was completely no no but now I have tbsp of butter everyday. So my food is high protein but its delicious as well.

Also, with high protein diet I do not count my calories so its quite a relief. Moreover, this is an expensive diet so you got to keep this thing in mind. Alsoin most high protein diets one is suppose to eat eggs with yolk which is quite an advantage. There is less wastage and eating with yolk is more fulfilling. I have done few of the recipes here based on eggs. You can check them out here 1 egg equals 6 grams of proteins and they are affordable too.

If you can get organic eggs then its much better. Also, egg dishes are available everywhere. So even if you are holidaying you can always asks for different kinds of egg dishes. I generally order egg curry or omelette when I protein powder for weight loss india out or have egg curry in meal also with some salad and curd along.

I love cheese and add it in my diet in multiple ways. Although some dairy milk products are high in carbs but the fermentation process cuts down the carbs from the cheese and makes it suitable for a low carb diet. Parmesan cheese is considered to be the best with 10 gm of protein per ounce. Some of the cheese are best to be avoided such as cream cheese and cottage cheese as they contain just 3 grams or even less protein per ounce.

There are many ways to incorporate it in your meals and of course it is protein powder for weight loss india as well. This should be the major part of your diet. I generally have chicken and fish as I have been vegetarian for a big part of my life and therefore I am still learning in this area. Few things which I have tried for this diet protein powder for weight loss india butter chicken, grilled chicken, chicken masala, shrimp curry and fish in coconut recipe which my friend Rashmi taught me and tastes delicious!

I am going to share its recipe some time in the coming days. Almond, nuts and pistachio are packed with proteins and contain omega -3 fatty acids. I generally have these with milk while going for my workout. Having walnuts adds crunch to your salad. I love having overnight soaked almonds. I powder them and add in my soups and salads also. We Indians love to have paneer and some how no dinner is hosted without having a paneer dish in it.

One can have paneer in many many ways. Be it grilledpalak paneer, butter paneersalads etc. For tofu you protein powder for weight loss india to marinate it a bit with soya sauce for minutes and then toss it in your choice of sauted vegetabes. I generally have paneer as its easily available but if you can have tofu then it will add variety in your food and its good source of protein as well.

Above foods are the main source of a high protein and low carb diet, at least in India. If you are outside India there are many other good things nowadays available which are high in protein and low in carb content. Remember we need to have good amount of fats also while following the protein diet. Taruna has done a post on why we should have ghee here. I have tsp of butter in everything I eat.

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