Do anorexics lose weight fast

People with anorexia nervosa use various measures to drastically reduce food intake such as purging, taking laxatives and simply not eating. I had such a fear of gaining weight. Anorexics lose weight fast but not anything snorexics like 50 pounds or anything. Your body can go into intense shock or cardiac arrest from dropping the weight so fast. You can't go on forever just eating little lise like I do, because once you're going to want to eat a lot and you'll gain it all back, and you'll have to live with the regret.

What do anorexics lose weight fast you like to do? How fast do you lose weight ro anorexic? Would you like to merge this question into it? Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Merge this question into. Split and merge into it. It all is based on the weight of the person, and the age, and how they eat, and how their body is built. I am currently going through this disorder, and the weight drops FAST - at first, wright is.

I was pounds, and stopped eating. In 3 and a half weeks I was down to In two more weeks i was down to That was not such a huge drop only a 12 pounds. Now its been about a week and i am only at It gets harder and harder weght lose the weight because your body doesnt want to have to do anorexics lose weight fast you, but it does. It takes a long time to lose the weight after the first month. But that is if you eat LITERALLY nothing and don't work out.

Working out adds muscle weight, which weights more. Your body can go into intense shock or cardiac arrest from dropping the weight so fast. The way that you can tell that eating disorders are NOT a healthy way to lose weight is by reading up on healthy ways to lose weight. Most supplements and work out schedules say things like "Lose 10 pounds in two months!

That is a clear way of getting your brain to see that it is NOT okay to lose weight that way. I do not recommend ever doing this to lose weight. We call it "The Monster". It is there tempting you, whether you have dealt with it or not. The second you decide to give in and think "I Can Handle Not Eating For Just For a Few Days", you are immediately stuck. Eating disorders are literally gripping diseases that hold on TIGHT.

It takes years to recover, and sometimes a life time. The healthiest way to lose weight would be to eat a lesser amount of only healthy food, and do some morning and night work outs. Was this answer useful? Dieting and Weight Loss. Once you start eating again you'll gain the weight back because your body was starved.

What I did was eat one meal … a day drank only water snacked on ice the crunching Burns calories and chewed gum almost all day. Gum stops the hunger cravings and snacking on fst tricks your body into thinking your eating. I went from to in a week and a half without any exercises. If co do 15 min of cardio everyother day you'll lose more faster. Fat is the body's natural … way of saving nutrients for later.

When a person do anorexics lose weight fast not eat their body will metabolize fat to get the nutrients it needs. This happens to everyone, it is what allows us to not eat all the time.

How Rapid Is Weight Loss In Anorexia

How often should I eat to lose weight? "then anorexics would be fat." 2 Easy Exercise Routines for Fast Weight Loss. Anonymous Story: Anorexia: It was terrible. The bad thing is. You can lose weight fast by not eating, and you can gain it just as fast by eating. May 24,  · Like if you didn't eat for a week how much weight do you think you would lose? How fast do anorexics lose weight? Just woundering.

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